History Of Friendship Day

History Of Friendship Day. People cannot live alone. People like to be in harmony with one another, and this is what creates friendship. Friendship is the union of two people’s souls. And the friendship day comes from a friend. Friendship doesn’t have any age.

When that happens, wherever it may be. Just as parents can be good friends, so can spouses. Again, there can be friendship everywhere in school and college.

History Of Friendship Day

Meanwhile, the whole world has become a society in the present. The entire world is now in the hands of technology welfare. And so friendship has spread abroad beyond the borders of the country. Now you can easily make friends with people of any country through the internet at home.

On a Friend’s Day, people spend time intimate with friends. Giving friends, flowers, cards, hand bands, etc., is a friend’s day ritual. The history of friendship is almost the same age as human civilization. The birth of Friend’s Day is the key to formalizing this beautiful relationship that has lasted for generations.

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Friendship Day History

Friendship Day was promoted by Hallmark Card founder “Joyce Hall” on the first Sunday of August 1919, and this day everyone sent cards to each other. However, the history of Friendship Day dates back to the United States. The American government subsequently killed one person on the first Saturday in August 1935.

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The next day, a close friend of the man committed suicide in protest and grief. The American Congress then decided to celebrate the first Sunday of August 1935 as Friend’s Day to honour the love of friends. Since then, on the first Sunday of August every year, World Friendship Day or Friendship Day is celebrated worldwide.

From then on, Friendship Day is one of the nationally celebrated days. Soon it became trendy and became the hallmark of International Friendship Day. The founder of the World Friendship Crusade on July 20, 1958, Dr. Artemio Branco, proposes a dinner with friends in Puerto Pinasco, Paraguay. That night the World Friendship Crusade was established.

The organization sends a proposal to the United Nations to celebrate World Friendship Day, July 30. After nearly five epochs, the United Nations General Assembly was announced on April 27, 2011, July 30 is an official international friendship day. Not only in different countries of the West but also many countries of Asia including Bangladesh, India, the first Sunday of August is celebrated on the occasion of Friendship Day.

Although the identity of people with friends or relationships like friendship has been around for ages, it is not yet a hundred years to celebrate a book like Friendship Day. About 81 years on paper and formally, only three decades have been celebrated fiercely. So this is the history of Friendship Day. Check Friendship Day similar post to get wishes, message, quotes, picture, date, and many things.

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