Robi New Connection Offer 112 Taka Unilever Products, Special call rate, 100% Bonus

Now with a new Robi connection you can enjoy TK 112 worth of Unilever bundle with lowest flat rate of 0.5p/sec to any Robi number & 1p/sec to any other local operator upon recharging 29 TK. Also you can enjoy Unlimited Facebook, 100% internet bonus with many more…


Activation Bonus

– BDT 11 in main account for any purpose. Validity 30 days. To check *222#

– 50 SMS for any local number. Validity 10 days. To check *222*12#


On Tk. 29 recharge

New customers will be able to enjoy below special bonus & special call-rates:


Special Call Rate

– 0.5p/sec to all Robi numbers for 24 hours

– 1p/sec to all other local operator numbers for 24 hours
o If Tk. 29 is not recharged, regular Flat tariff of 15 p/10 sec for 24 hours will prevail.
o Validity of this special call rate will be 30 days from the recharge day.
o Upon expiry of validity period (if not recharged of 29 tk), regular flat tariff will be applicable.


Special Recharge Bonus

– Upon recharging TK 29, Receive 100% bonus internet – With every regular internet pack purchased.

o Applicable for 100 MB, 500 MB, 1 GB & 2 GB. To check, dial *8444*88#
o 100% bonus internet & 2GB bonus internet usage time: from 1 am to 4 pm
o Subscriber can purchase regular pack both thru USSD & Easy load.

– Upon recharging TK 29, Subscriber will enjoy Free Facebook (up to 700 MB/month) OR enjoy 2 GB internet (700 MB/month) by dialing the USSD code.

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o To get Free Facebook, dial *8666*32# OR to get 2GB internet dial *8666*700#
o Subscriber can chose once & can enjoy either one (FB or 2GB) for next 3 months.
o Validity for both FB & 2GB will be 30 days.
o To check Free Facebook/2 GB internet/100% bonus pack — dial *8444*88#
o After exhausting the 700 MB cap (for both FB /2 GB), subscriber will be charged as per PPU (BDT 0.015/KB). Customer will be auto notify after exhausting 80% & 100% usages.
o 100% bonus internet & 2 GB bonus internet usage time: from 1 am to 4 pm.
o Facebook internet bonus usage time: 24 hours

– 1 month Goon Goon with 1 tune (Robi tune) free upon recharging 29 TK. Service will be activated 72 hours of activation.
o After one month, customer will get auto de-activation notification to deregister.
o If continue, then regular GoonGoon charge (month 17.25 TK/fortnightly 11.50 TK/Weekly 5.75 TK/Daily 1.15 TK) will be applicable.
o For any content (other that first free content as Robi Tune), regular content charge would be applicable.
o existing recharge based offers (Tk 31, Tk 36, Tk 66 & any other) will not be applicable with this Acquisition offer.

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