Mithila Fahmi Video Link & Viral Photo [Original News]

Actress Mithila’s Viral Video is now a Trending topic in Bangladesh. Do you want to Download Mithila’s Viral Video? The Video Download Link of Actress Mithila Fahmi (Ex-Wife of Tahsan) is available on different Facebook groups and Websites. The News was posted on a Facebook group on Monday (November 7th). The post has been deleted instantly after posting on Facebook. On 18th November 2019, Mithila’s Marriage News has published on

But unfortunately, People of Bangladesh who were on that Group collected the Video Link and Photos. Now, the Fans of Bangladeshi Actress Mithila are searching Mithila’s Viral Video Download link. *Attention: This post was published to inform people that, This is not unusual photos. It is very common. Anyone can take these types of Photos where they have a good Friendship or General Relation. 

Mithila & Fahmi Original News about the Photos & Video

Firstly, It is a Rumor that Mithila and Fahmi Video Viral. It is a fake News. Originally, we didn’t get any video. Mithila also told Somoy TV about this News. As per Telephony conversation, Mithila Talked that, That is not unusual Photos which got Viral. We have also called Mithila’s Number but It was unreachable. We didn’t get any update from Fahmi about the Viral Photos with Mithila.

High Court today directed the BTRC to immediately remove all confidential and personal pictures of actress Mithila and director Fahmi and university student Rumpa from all social media and online news portals.

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All Images Removed as per High Court Order

Mithila Fahmi Viral Video

A Rumor of Mithila with Fahmi Viral Video was published on 4th November 2019 in Social Media. Bangladeshis are know got this News early for different purposes. Now, International News Portal is also publishing content about Mithila and Fahmi. Top Daily Newspaper of Bangladesh including Prothom Alo, BDNews24, The Daily Star has also published Mithila and Fahmi Viral Video News early on 5th November (Tuesday). The Main fact for publishing Mithila with Fahmi Viral Video & Viral Photo is Social Media. People send the Viral Video and Picture Personally to each other.

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The Video you are showing on Facebook where the YouTuber Titled Mithila and Fahmi Viral Video or other Title, etc, This is a fake Video. There is no Video available of Bangladeshi Actress Mithila and Director, Composer Fahmi. You will see the Feature Image (Thumble) like the below. Please Ignore this. This is not an Original Video of Mithila. Someone is trying to Hard Mithila. So, We request the Bangladeshi Fan of Mithila to Ignore this Rumors and love Mithila again. Please don’t click any Video that used this type of Image. 

How to Download Actress Mithila Video Link?

We are sorry to inform you that, the Link was removed from social media networks and other Websites. It is against the Policy. So, According to keep everything legal, we can’t provide the Actress Mithila’s Viral Video download link which published on 4th November 2019.

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We want to tell you that, The New of this Viral content about Bangladeshi TV Actress Mithila is real and Accurate. You can see some photos to understand Viral Video. Many of our visitors are asking Mithila’s Viral Video YouTube Link. Please be noted that no one can upload this video on YouTube. It is against YouTube Policy.

Actress Mithila Viral Photos [Mithila with Fahmi]

Here some of the Viral Photos of Mithila. Till the last update from our end, Rafiath Rashid Mithila was seen several times with Kolkata director Manjit Mukherjee. Showbiz was spread because of the love affair between them. Mithila with Fahmi 16 Pictures has got Viral in Social Media. We are only providing several numbers of the picture out of a total of 16 Pictures.

*Note: Please be noted that we have uploaded the Image without Official Permission of Mithila. We have got these Images on Social Media Website and Google Search. not related to these images. I’m a Big Fan of Mithila and want to inform other Mithila’s Fan that, these images can’t carry unusual activity of Mithila. So, See the Viral Photos of Mithila and Fahmi on below. We hope you will understand that this is a regular and common photo. It is not uncommon or different from other’s photos. So, please Ignore the Mithila Fahmi Photos Rumors. 

If you want to get more information, you can ask us. We have the Video but unfortunately, we can’t provide it here. We have removed this Video for staying safe from Policy Violation.

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In the Final Words, we want to tell you that, We don’t authorize to publish other people’s personal Photos and Videos on this Website. But, This content published as News purpose only. We are working to understanding the Original news and story behind the Photos.

If you are Mithila or Fahmi or other Authority, kindly ask to Remove the Photos to Admin. Just use our Contact Form with the Photo/Video Link which wants to remove from this content. We will do this very soon from our end. We are waiting to get a response from your end. 

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